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Nestlé UK and Ireland has unveiled a new addition to its Yorkie range, the brand new protein enriched chocolate bar, Yorkie Pro.

The new bar contains 10.5g of protein and features a combination of protein-enriched milk chocolate and wheat protein crispies. Combining the great taste of Yorkie with the addition of protein, the product also remains free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners.

As a result of adding wheat protein crispies to the recipe Yorkie Pro contains 35% less sugar and fewer calories per 100g than the standard Yorkie bar.

The new Yorkie Pro is available now in a number of retailers.

Yorkie Pro Protein Bar

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Adding to the ever growing list of our favourite chocolate bars now in a protein bar form, the Yorkie Pro Protein Bar is now here and tastes just like the original!! Not only does the Yorkie Pro Protein Bar taste amazing, it has some great macros too, so you can now fit in this and an array of chocolate bars...